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At EnSpire, we know that the path to wellness is best traveled with a holistic approach, supporting you with resources for your body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Leah McMillan

Founder/Owner/Clinical Therapist DPA, LMFT, CFRC, EMDR-T

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Susan Bradshaw

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT, TF-CBT & EMDR-T, TBRI

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Rachael Dudley

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist LCSW, CCATP, C-DBT

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Dr. Martha Giddings

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Ph.D., LCSW, EMDR-T

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Allison Parris Owen

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist LMFT, RPT, EMDR-T

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Chelsea Nelms

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LAMFT, Group Facilitator

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John Klimko, Jr.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Pastoral Counselor LMFT

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Lauren Darby

Licensed Master of Social Work LMSW

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Destiny McMillan

Group Facilitator 

Kaylee Groover & Carrington Hingson

Patient Specialists

Keystone Therapy Services

Keystone Therapy Services in Valdosta provides speech, language, cognitive, feeding/swallowing, and communication therapy programs for all ages and tailor-made for each client. Keystone's pediatric specialists deliver fun, effective, and efficient therapy for your child.

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